• Dad
    I had two small photos of my Dad taken during WWII, added a WWII photo of Eisenhower and evened out the design with a certificate given by the City of Reading, PA. A hand-wrapped, acid-free mat using a special material chosen just for this design resulted in a real tribute to a great hero, one which will last a lifetime.
  • Da Vinci
    This beautiful large print was framed for an Italian Restaurant using a fabric mat with an Italian moulding reminiscent of the time period, complemented with a matching fillet.
  • Lynn Bryant
    This wonderful photo was taken here in Vista by Lynn Bryant. To enhance the colors, two frames were used (called stacking), a very popular technique which enhances the beauty of the art and can also be achieved with multiple mats.
  • Marsha
    This amazing art was created with an air brush. A beautiful fabric mat in lavender and a frame which matched the artist’s lines were finished with an inner black mat to match the frame.
  • Mitsu
    A thank you gift to the Veterinarian who saved Mitsu’s life... they won’t soon forget Mitsu and her owner, Debbie. A tan mat with a black inner mat match the frame, and a V-Groove in the tan mat directs the viewer to Mitsu’s eye.
  • Padres
    Shadowbox frames come in all décor styles and colors. This one matched the ribbing color on the Padres name, collar and sleeves. The shirt was sewn onto a dark blue fabric mat to give it a clean crisp look, and the frame color takes your eye to directly to the name “Padres”.
  • Robin
    To offset the busy-ness of this beautiful piece of art, a simple frame style was chosen: a primed liner hand-wrapped with specially chosen fabric. The dark brown faux-stitched leather frame perfectly enhances the artwork, giving it depth and bringing out the darker details of the piece.
  • Sam
    Sam, who has since passed, posed for this priceless photo. His friends wanted to have a photo taken for his birthday, but, looking at his face, I don’t think this is the one HE chose. A copper multi-colored bevel accent mat and a frame which blended with his wings were chosen.
  • Luncford Family
    Mrs. Luncford, whose entire family has black belts, won this certificate and medal, which they can now display proudly in their home. The black inner mat focuses the eye on the writing and designs in the certificate, while the gold outside mat brings the focal point to the medal.
  • Women's Resource Cener
    This beautiful monotone pencil drawing was a challenge. To bring color to the art, a 1” copper-colored inside mat was framed with a gold/copper fillet. A fabric mat blended with the lighter color of the cats, and the fun frame showed off the frolicking cats and mimicked the artist's lines... a colorful, playful design.

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